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You have questions that need answers. Alpha’s here to help.

Why do bad things happen to good people?
What’s the purpose of life? What’s next?

Your next step starts here.

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People everywhere are finding answers, together.

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We all need a place to process life’s deepest questions.

A place we can be heard, understood, seen, and loved. A place to ask questions without judgment and to share your thoughts without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Alpha can be this place for you.

Explore life and the Christian faith with others; ask your questions and share your point of view. There’s no obligation to say anything, and there’s nothing you can’t say (really).


What Others Are Saying?

Alpha was very welcoming and very casual. I just felt that I was going hanging out with my friends.


Alpha was a safe place where I could say out loud whatever I had to say.


Knowing Jesus at Alpha changed everything for me. It changed my life.